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Making research-driven decisions to foster a more open mind.

Hello, I am Jacob: an empathy-driven UX Specialist based in Michigan.
I have a passion for perspective and advocating for human-centric solutions.

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My Recent Projects

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Feature Management +

I worked with another designer to refresh the visual design and improve the user experience of Ford's In-Vehicle and Accessory Based Digital Features, allowing users to easily manage, test, and publish features.


Identity Mapper

Facilitated design sprints, ideated early concepts, and delivered assets for productioin to improve user engagement and satisfaction of an internal Ford tool for mapping In-Vehicle products to Retail and Fleet groups.

Michael Volk

Previous Supervisor

 "In his role as a Ford Product Designer, Jacob demonstrated exceptional skills in managing and redesigning multiple internal enterprise tools. Jacob's approach is research-driven, and he consistently crafted consumer-oriented solutions, collaborating closely with software and automotive engineers to bring products to life. "

Hannah Shink

Previous Design Colleague

 "Jacob is one of the hardest working, positive, kindest humans I've ever met. I always felt comfortable delegating to him as he continuously showed his critical thinking skills, made his work visible, and thoroughly communicated throughout the design process. "

Chris Howell

Previous Supervisor

 "Jacob was always an uplifting force for the entire team. I was always confident that his project work would be completed with high quality, meet and beat the timing estimates, and he would come with suggestions for process improvement that he would take up and lead through to implementation. "

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