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About Me

My name is Jacob Lancucki.

I am passionate about creating digital products that are functional and aesthetically pleasing, while also enhancing people's everyday lives.

My past experience with UX Research, Design Systems, and Human-Centered Design gives me the ability to communicate effectively, solve complex problems, and collaborate efficiently in an agile work environment.

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Core Values

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Preserving the Student

Actively studying visual trends and technological changes, while abiding by industry patterns to keep up with new developments.

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Do the Research

Understanding what pain points users have and how they can be solved, while also accomplishing business goals is crucial.

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Think Holistically

Working with design systems, layout grids, and patterns can guarantee consistency and ensure easy handoff for development.

When I am away from my desk...

I am more than likely out on a walk, enjoying the fresh air and all the smells with my deaf pitbull, Trooper! Did you hear that? Trooper didn’t!


If I am not out enjoying nature with my boy, then I am most likely on a golf course, mountain slope, or catching up on some reading. There’s nothing quite like letting your mind relax and allowing yourself to enjoy the remedies of life.

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